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Glencoe Ventures Pricing Structure for Existing Business Services

Select from our range of packages or contact us to tailor a bespoke solution to meet your specific business needs.

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Operational Excellence Package

Standard: $2,500 – Includes initial assessment, process optimization plan, and basic implementation guide.

Premium: $5,000 – Includes everything in Standard, plus detailed KPI tracking setup and two follow-up consultations to ensure successful implementation.

Glencoe Ventures

Marketing and Brand Enhancement

Basic: $3,000 – Development of a marketing strategy, including digital marketing basics (SEO, social media setup).

Advanced: $6,500 – Includes everything in Basic, plus content marketing strategy, advanced analytics setup, and monthly performance review for three months.

Glencoe Ventures

Technology Integration and Web Development

Web Optimization: $4,000 – Professional website redesign with SEO optimization and basic content creation.

Full Tech Suite: $10,000 – Comprehensive service including advanced website features, CRM integration, and custom software solutions tailored to streamline business operations.

Glencoe Ventures

Custom Consulting Retainer

Monthly Retainer: Starting at $3,000/month – Tailored consulting services covering any combination of the above areas, with flexible hours and priority support.

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Project-Based Pricing

Custom Quote: Pricing based on the scope, complexity, and duration of the project. Ideal for specific needs that require a bespoke approach.


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Let’s Create Something Just for You

Every business is unique, and so should be your SEO strategy. If our predefined packages don’t quite match what you’re looking for, we’re here to craft a personalized plan that fits like a glove.

Our custom package form is your first step towards a bespoke SEO strategy designed around your specific business goals, challenges, and audience.

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At Glencoe Ventures, we believe in creating bridges between you and your ideal customers. Our ethos is rooted in the understanding that at the heart of your digital footprint lies the power to connect, engage, and grow. Our array of services—from meticulously researched SEO to finely tuned content creation—is designed with a single purpose: to elevate your online presence in a way that delivers tangible value and genuine growth. We exist to bring the spotlight to your brand, illuminating the path for your customers right to your digital doorstep. Let’s partner together to make your mark in the digital world unforgettable.

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